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Kostrukshon Ltd


The use of electronic drawing in the Architectural field is almost universal and Konstrukshon Ltd is no exception, preferring to enter all our drawing into the Vectorworks CAD package. From the simple 2D drawing environment so similar to our training on the drawing board, to the developing 3D environment.

Vectorworks and it’s multi layer design space offer our designers a rich environment to design vertically layering each floor plan one on top of another, this allows us to see the structure and service as they would be in the real building.

The rich class structure, also means we draw once and produce many different finished drawings, by simply turning off classes and layer.

Although our prefered CAD package is Vectrorworks, we have many clients who instruct us to use alternative packages, which we are very happy to comply with, we are also profisiant in Autocad, Sketchup and Archicad

Visit Steve Scaysbrook’s Youtube channel for examples of Vectorworks in use.


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