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Architectural Technologist &


Planning, Building Regulations, Design, Reports, Detailing, Consultancy

Initial Brief


Building Regulations


Understanding a clients needs is so often a matter of listening and interpreting the needs and applying it to the site in question.


Konstrukshon Ltd are a Chartered Architectural Technologist and Architect practice, designing and planning small to medium extensions of existing domestic and commercial properties. which we have been doing since 2005. Most of our staff are members of CIAT or are chartered Architects, our Virtual nature offers an enables easy and fast service country wide.

We are experts in the preparation of planning documents and drawings

Good drawing takes time, we like to use materials that are well researched, have agrement certification, and are time proved,

We have a vast collection of lectures on most aspects on construction, for both sales and marketing, plus practice.

Our Team


Research Consultancy

Researching, advising, think tank, idea generation, a new aproach to market