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Somerset House Project

The project involves drawing the complete Somerset House building complex in 3D to include as much BIM information embedded into the model as possible.

All drawing work will be done by undergraduates, and managed as far as possible by a small group of ever-changing Post graduates. The undergrad work will be small sections of the building which will form a work module forming part of their final years work portfolio. Current;y we estimate a project time of roughly 10 years

Birmingham City Uni will start the project of in May 2017, we then hope other universities will join and book dates,  currently Westminster Uni are looking at a November Slot, We think we will limit the survey time to two general periods May and  November.

The Somerset House Trust are a charity and just can’t afford to build a 3D cad model, so I am looking for sponsorship support, to pay for equipment and my companies time to oversea and co-ordinate the work. Currently the method of sponsorship reward will be a logo on the title block on all drawings, and a link to the web site, plus updates and news on all drawings. All academic paper will also have sponsorship support names posted.


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